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Neighborhood Reliance Network

Elbert County Stands Together

The Neighborhood Reliance Network (NRN) is about building strong self-reliant Elbert County neighborhoods. It's about people – and their friends, families and neighbors – working together to withstand any challenge that may come our way.  At the core of many neighborhoods are our faith-based organizations, and they will play a big tole. Below are the current components of the NRN. Want to get involved in one of these NRN groups? Contact: Maggie Witherbee,

Sun Country Area Neighborhood Emergency Response (SCANER)
Learn how to start this group for your neighborhood

SCANER is a role model for how neighborhoods can organize, identify leaders, form support groups and committees and ultimately support each other. Want to get involved or discuss how to start in your neighborhood? Contact: Scott Austin,

Community Networking

Get to know your community and facilitate working together

NRN launched a NETWORKING PLAN that builds partnerships among area non-profits, county agencies, the faith-based community, businesses and ranchers/farmers. Our county officials are working to increase communication and cooperation with non-profit organizations. The goal is to have everyone working together! Want to get involved?Contact: Pastor John Smith, Majestic View Church

Elbert County Community Response (ECCR)

Join no matter your skill level and help protect your community

The ECCR addresses Elbert County safety and security issues. The group is highly trained and competent, and they support and work with all law enforcement agencies. The ECCR group is divided into three tiers: 

  • Tier 1: Anyone can join; no basic training requirements. 

  • Tier 2: Additional skills and knowledge are a prerequisite.

  • Tier 3: Excellent skills required. This group is highly trained: excellent firearms skills, probable military experience, solid knowledge of the law and good relationships with our county sheriff and law enforcment. 

This is an open group. Everyone can participate at the tier level best suited for them. Want to get involved? Contact: Duane Merz,     


Skills and Resources Workshops

Get useful advice, and offer to share your own knowledge

The Skills and Resources Group identifies potential resources – individuals, businesses, organizations – who can provide valuable knowledge and information for our county residents. The most recent workshop was Introduction to Permaculture, held May 22, 2021.  Future workshops will feature topics such as: Raising Chickens, All About Goats, off-grid Solar Power, Bread Making and more. Do you have a skill you can teach? To submit a topic or for information, contact: Brenda Atwater, bea54@live.

For questions or for more information on any components of the Neighborhood Reliance Network, contact

Girl in Chicken Farm

Let's Take a Stand Together

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Self Reliance Expo

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