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The April 2023 Self Reliance Market Place was a Success!

The Self Reliance Market Place Raises Thousands for Elbert County Coalition Outreach

The second annual 2023 Self Reliance Market Place took place April 8, 2023 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds in Kiowa. Sheriff Tim Norton was at the event to greet visitors. The event was attended by hundreds of people and featured vendors offering a wide range of products, services and workshop demonstrations on agriculture, farming, food preparation, self defense and communications. Families need to to get ready for whatever may be in our future. The market place is where you can learn how!

Pictured  below on the left: Right: Maggie Witherbee, Elbert County Stands Up leader. Left: Erica Johnson, Executive Director for Elbert County Coalition Outreach.

Maggie Witherbee, ECSU leader, and Erica Johnson, Executive Director for ECCO
  1. SRM Guest Table

  2. EC Coalition Outreach

  3. Dads of Elbert County

  4. Elbert County Stands UP

  5. Cornerstone Bullion  

  6. Parker Radio Assn      

  7. Level Engineering Solar

  8. EC Republicans

  9. Elizabeth Locker Plant             

  10. Blue Ridge Farm          

  11. Amy’s Arms  

  12. Bullseye Ammo

  13. Outdoor Clothing        

  14. American Self Reliance

  15. Even Pulse, Inc

  16. Homestead Hills Harvest Microgreens

  17. Pikes Peak Permaculture

  18. Wild Oasis Permaculture

  19. Elbert County Extension

  20. EC Weed Advisory Board

  21. Colorado Garden Consulting

  22. Faith of Our Fathers

  23. Vibrant Living Essential Oils

  24. 40 Mile Feed Store

  25. Colorado Fruitscapes

  26. Colorado Greenhouse Builders


9:30     Introduction To Permaculture - Becky Elder, Pikes Peak Permaculture 
10:30   Preserving Wealth Precious Metals Lunch - Bill Roach, Cornerstone Bullion 

11:30   Lunch
12:30   Growing Fruit In Colorado - Andy Hough, Colorado Fruitscapes 
1:30     Introduction to Ham Radio/GMRS - Jeff Francis, Parker Radio Association

2:30     All About Greenhouses - Annette McFadden, CO Greenhouse Builders
3:30     Animals in Permaculture Design - Jayme Damejka, Wild Oasis Permaculture 


9:30     Be Prepared with Essential Oils - Julie Schondel, Vibrant Living Essential Oils
10:30   Successful Gardening in CO - Mike & Kodi Marley, CO Garden Consulting
11:30   Stress Mitigation & Resilience Skills - Elizabeth Robinson, Even Pulse, Inc  
12:30   Lunch 

1:30     Growing Microgreens - Tim Weyland, Homestead Hills Harvest Mirco
2:30     BeeKeeping 101 - Denise Drummond, Local BeeKeeper 

3:30     Sub-Irrigated Planters - Jack Dody, AbundaCulture 

Girl in Chicken Farm

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