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Self Reliance Expo a Success!

The First Elbert County Self Reliance Expo on August 13, 2022 Was a Success!

About the Self Reliance Expo

The fist ever SELF RELIANCE EXPO, hosted on August 13, 2022 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds, featured nearly 40 exhibitors and 16 demonstrations on a wide range of services, products, and information. The purpose is to help families get ready for whatever may be in our future. Supply chain issues, difficulty getting equipment parts, lack of available labor, increasing energy prices - and food prices - are all taking a toll on Colorado families. This expo helped citizens learn how to get prepared.

Topics included:

Preparedness basics | Firearms / Personal safety | Herbs | Greenhouses & Gardening | High efficient wood burning stoves | Emergency supplies | Solar, generators & alternate power | Canning & fermentation | Raising animals for hard times | Home emergency & medical | Communications | Water source

Thanks to our visitors and their donations!

Thanks to the hundreds of citizens who took advantage of Elbert County's first ever Self Reliance Expo! And thanks for your donations: the event raised $5,000 that will support the purchase of emergency supplies and equipment for our Sheriff's Department!








Thank you to keynote speaker Sheriff Norton!

Sheriff Norton gave a very encouraging talk: Our county is prepared for any emergency! He asks us to be our community's 'eyes and ears' and to keep the department updated on things they need to know about! 

Thank you to our sponsors!

We sincerely appreciate the support of: Elbert County Community Outreach (ECCO), Elbert County Stands Up (ECSU), and the Ready Radio program on 560KLZ AM. Ready Radio can be heard at 2 pm Friday afternoons, hosted by John Rush.

Thank you to our exhibitors and workshop presenters!

Our vendor exhibitors were superb, and our workshop and demonstration presenters were extraordinary! They shared valuable products, services and their knowledge and each presentation was jam packed with visitors. We appreciate their expertise and participation.

Some of our Top Exhibitors

Elbert County Community Outreach (ECCO)

Sunshine Solar 

Colorado Greenhouse Builders 

EMP Shield






Forty Mile Feed

Simon CPR Services


Fires A Blazn 

Colorado Fruitscapes

Hog Heaven Ranch









Bullseye Supply

Amy's Arms

Brian Trenholm

Thrive Live

Abunda Culture

Dr. Honeymoon Boysen

Sozo Chiropractic

Fifth Dimension Mktng

Bonnie Yost at 4x4 Healing

Green Thumb Consulting

Parker Radio Association 

Richer Lands Compost









Celtic Chicken

Dancing Jaguar

Kona Ice

Colorado Pizza


For questions about the Self Reliance Expo, contact

Girl in Chicken Farm

Let's Take a Stand Together

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