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Updates from Freedom Fighters

What's Happening in Colorado and the U.S.

ECSU supports many freedom fighting individuals and organizations in Colorado and around the United States. Check this page for recent articles, updates and news from our fellow freedom fighters!

Dr. J. B. Hixson, Pastor, Author and Speaker: The Great Satanic Reset. In this video of our 6/26/22 program, Dr. Hixson helps us understand what it is and how to prepare. WATCH THE VIDEO

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Developer: NO on kids.
Dr. Malone, vaccine developer, states why parents should NOT give their kids the COVID-19 vaccine. READ THE BLOG

Elbert County Stands Up - Elbert County, Colorado
End the madness. Stop the COVID injections. Support thousands of medical professionals who understand that the vaccines need to be halted - NOW. READ THE BLOG

Protect Elbert County - Elbert County, Colorado
Did You Sign Up to be a Lab Rat... Or Your Children? READ THE BLOG

Keep Colorado Free and Open - Larimer County, Colorado
The Alternative to Mockingbird Politicians & 'Build Back Better' READ THE BLOG

FEC United - Douglas County, Colorado

September 24 & 25 | REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR with Joe Oltmann and Pastor Artur Pawlowski in CO Springs, CO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT

People's Rights - National

Learn more about your rights vs. your privileges. READ HERE

Make Americans Free Again - National

Get updates about the States that are bringing lawsuits against COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. READ HERE


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