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End COVID Madness and Stop Injection Insanity

Elbert County Stands Up (ECSU) is supporting the call by thousands of scientists and doctors throughout the world who are demanding this COVID narrative with its injection program be halted immediately.

ECSU has been providing information for over a year (starting December 13, 2020) that has been censored and omitted from the legacy corporate media.

Our focus has been to expose the fraudulent COVID narrative as well as the dangerous vaccine lies and misinformation. Also, we talk about the real enemies of humanity – a cabal of world elites (globalists), who control sovereign governments, all media, medical and big pharma, the military and industrial complex, agriculture, education, as well as all commerce and finance – in the world. THEY (the hierarchy enslaving you) now have the technology to implement their plan to enslave and control ALL of humanity.

ECSU exposes the highest levels of evil arrayed against WE THE PEOPLE.

THEY are responsible for the plague of COVID-19, which they have used to implement their technocratic control system. The early signals pointing to their long-stated goal is the vaccine passport system, a first step to the larger more comprehensive individual control system to come.

The final control grid will end all personal freedom. The China-style social credit score system will be applied to each US resident, ending freedom of expression, of speech, of travel, and of choice…..and so much more. Penalties will be applied if anyone deviates from the official government narrative.


There is overwhelming evidence and proof to support all statements made above. None of this evidence will ever be found on the legacy (old) media, which includes all mainstream TV, radio, newspapers and news magazines, entertainment. Nor will this information ever cross the lips of 99.9% of US politicians of either major party.

Censorship and suppression of information has become standard procedure in our society. Most people have no idea that there is another point of view or information which refutes the propaganda and programming they receive daily.

ECSU is calling for Elbert County to become a sanctuary of truth and freedom, in a wide sea of corruption, deception and lies – no matter how difficult this task will be.

We are calling for our Elbert County community to heed all the proven scientific evidence and put a temporary halt on the County Health Dept’s Covid Response Program. It is critical to act on the actual data and evidence to protect all the residents of our county.

The latest United States VAERS statistics, which report on adverse COVID vaccine reactions and are known to be up to 99% understated, currently state:

In the US there have been, as of December 3, 2021:

- Deaths 19,886

- Hospitalizations 102,857

- Adverse Effects 946,461

…. ALL directly due to the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines ( genetic modification injections). Join us in learning more about these issues and what you can do to stand up and fight for your constitutional rights - and for those of your kids and future generations.

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