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Reporting Back: Leah Southwell at the June 13, 2021 ECSU General Meeting

By Maggie Witherbee

ELBERT COUNTY STANDS UP was treated to an outstanding program Sunday June 13, presented by Leah Southwell from Greeley, CO. She's a Field Coordinator for The John Birch Society.

She spoke about her personal experiences in Chile in 2019. You ask, “What was going on in Chile? I don’t remember hearing about problems in Chile.” Well, our esteemed mainstream media did not focus on the communist chaos that occured, and which took the form of violent protests, burning, looting, fighting the police – all triggering a state of emergency. Does any of this sound familiar?

Leah and her sons were living in Santiago, Chile and witnessed the chaos first-hand. She noted many similarities to events in the U.S.: efforts to defeat and defund police; burning buildings and mass transportation; and young people with no clear idea of what they were doing. She noted one young man who stated: "you have to burn it down in order to rebuild it better." Build Back Better. Mr. Biden’s campaign slogan. Coincidence?

Leah’s presentation was an eye-opener and we hope to have her back soon. Everyone who attended agreed to bring 10 new people next time! Everyone needs to hear her message.

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